Our Story


Hi there! I am Lynelle, the person behind ColorfulBows :)  In addition of managing this online store, I am a proud mom of two daughters - a tween and toddler :)

 ColorfulBows About Us

How did I get here?

At the beginning of 2009, I was very excited because I passed the certification for a Professional in Human Resources (PHR). Unfortunately, that excitement didn't last for too long. Three months later, my generalist position was eliminated and I was laid off due to the economy. 

I was very positive and sure that I could find another job very quick. Wrong! There weren’t that many jobs available in my area and there were many other great HR professionals also available for work. At that time, I felt the need to do something else. At least until I could find another job.

From a desk job to a creative table

Several times, I wanted to buy hair bows for my oldest daughter but I was never satisfied with the ones available at the big box stores. So in 2010, I decided to do them myself! I really enjoyed the creative aspect of making them in different colors, trendy styles and to match them with my daughter's clothes.

In 2011, after having people such as my daughter's friends, parents and school personnel asking for the name of the store where we were getting all her hair bows, I decided to open ColorfulBows while still working a full time job.

Then, after welcoming my second daughter who is now a toddler, I was inspired to add a line of baby gifts and combine them with the colorful hair bows that I was already providing.

By being in HR, I had the opportunity to be involved in other baby showers. I personally saw how employees wanted to participate but they didn't have the time to go to the store and buy a gift. 

Additional benefits that I offer

Even when making hair bows and baby shower gifts seems to be very different to my career in Human Resources, my priority is still the same, YOU! I also have the opportunity to use the same main skills that I have always used in the HR field: detail oriented and professionalism.

Having two little girls gives me the opportunity to try new hair bows and materials on them before creating new and final ones for the store.

What's my motivation here?

I have three motivations or goals now that I am running ColorfulBows on a full time basis.

And guess what? You are part of my motivations. Yes, because I know that you are busy so I want to provide you with great products that not only help you create special moments but saves you time too!

My daughters are also my motivation. Because I want them to learn that they can create their own future. I want them to have a vision and to work hard towards it. 

But most importantly, I want them to see that by working hard, they can also help others at the same time (my third motivation).

Nothing can be more motivating than creating beautiful gifts and helping people in need.

Don't forget to check out the great products that I have created for you!